The time for fairness, dignity and equality is now.

There is unprecedented opportunity at the state level to educate individuals and communities about the many harms caused by the denial of the freedom to marry and generate deeper public understanding and greater support for marriage equality for LGBT couples. Securing the freedom to marry at the state level, with all of the fairness and dignity that entails, remains the surest and likely the quickest way to ensure that a growing number of LGBT people will be able to marry in the United States. Success at the state level is also essential to build a national movement for a definitive victory at the federal level.
The Collaborative's overarching grant making goals have remained relatively constant since its inception in 2004, namely supporting the public education, research and organizing efforts of key organizations working to achieve marriage equality in select states across the country.  Due to the constantly changing nature of the marriage landscape, the Collaborative reviews its strategic priorities, grant making goals and processes on an annual basis to ensure the highest level of strategic impact and responsiveness to the needs on the ground.

2013 strategic priorities for CMC grantmaking include:

> Support for public education and related activities in states where the freedom to marry is a near term possibility.
> Rapid response grants for organizations in key states where opportunities to advance the marriage debate or challenges to marriage progress arise quickly and outside of the Collaborative's regular grant cycle.

Please note that Civil Marriage Collaborative grant making is by invitation only.