Colombe Foundation’s current grantmaking priorities are: shifting the priorities of the military budget; changing U.S. policy with regards to nuclear weapons disarmament and non-proliferation and complex transformation; and ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Foundation supports organizations in the United States that share its mission and goals, and invests in the following strategies: grassroots organizations working to educate the public and influence decision makers; peace advocacy organizations promoting alternative policies and educating opinion-makers and decision-makers; and organizations initiating and expanding media coverage on our issues.

Please note that the Colombe Foundation does not fund research, conferences, and the creation or distribution of film/documentaries. Colombe Foundation does not have discretionary grantmaking capacity.

The Colombe Foundation generally makes grants twice a year, in the spring and fall.

To be considered for funding, organizations that are not current Colombe Foundation grantees must contact Dini Merz either by phone or email to discuss their proposal prior to submitting an application: dmerz(at) or 203.439.0076.