Our collaborative grantmaking initiatives focus on the most cutting edge social justice issues of our time.

Proteus Fund’s collaborative grantmaking initiatives enable individuals and foundations to pool their philanthropic dollars and direct their combined resources most effectively into action and outcome-oriented social movements.

Please click here to read "Hearts and Minds," a case study of the tremendous contribution that one of our collaborative grantmaking initiatives, the Civil Marriage Collaborative, made to the movement for marriage equality.

Our initiatives are informed by a framework of social justice. They combine expertise in progressive policy analysis and field scanning with targeted grantmaking and technical assistance designed to win needed reforms. Each initiative is uniquely structured and focused to achieve the goals of its funding partners, and led by experienced program staff. Our highly effective rapid response grantmaking function and ability to integrate support for lobbying activity are two key tools utilized by our collaborative grantmaking initiatives.

Service options: financial management; administrative services; grants management; strategic guidance; donor education; branding and communications; docket prep and briefing; funding partner cultivation and recruitment; rapid response; connection to broader philanthropic networks; and convening.