Building and strengthening a state-by-state movement for marriage equality in the United States.

The Civil Marriage Collaborative is an innovative grant making initiative designed to strengthen and build a state-by-state movement in key states for the freedom to marry for same-gender couples in the United States.
The Civil Marriage Collaborative partners with individual donors and foundations to award approximately $2 million each year to support public education efforts, such as research, polling, message development and delivery, alliance building, outreach and advocacy in support of marriage equality. Since its founding in 2004, Civil Marriage Collaborative has invested significantly in all jurisdictions that won and held marriage equality as well as in other key states best positioned and most likely to advance marriage equality in the near term.
Though the CMC revisits its strategic priorities annually, its grant making goals typically include:

  • Support for public education in key states where full marriage equality is a near term possibility and where public education efforts like those the CMC funds can make a significant difference in advancing the marriage debate;
  • Support of selected public education efforts to defend existing marriage rights as needed; and
  • Rapid response grant making capacity for states where specific opportunities to advance the marriage debate or challenges to marriage progress arise quickly and outside of the Collaborative's regular grant cycle and where such potential funding is otherwise consistent with the CMC's overarching strategies. 

CMC by the Numbers:

  • Since 2004, supported public education in 20 states and the District of Columbia
  • $17 million dollars awarded since 2004
  • Range of funder investments: $50,000 – $750,000