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Organizers and advocates on the frontlines of the fight for social justice face an increasingly unpredictable and hostile environment, one in which their safety and wellbeing is threatened on a daily basis. To build and sustain movements that lead to long term impact, it is imperative to shield and safeguard those on the ground and affirmatively promote their wellness.

As calls for racial, gender, and queer justice rightfully get louder, the backlash against activists has also intensified in numerous ways. From online and in-person intimidation efforts to data breaches and the significant risks presented by the global pandemic, an urgent need exists to help protect movement leaders and advocates from all kinds of harm, allowing them to stay laser-focused on their critical work.

Recognizing this need, Proteus Fund created the Grantee Safety and Security Fund (GSSF) in 2019, providing rapid response funds to grantees from across its three donor collaboratives specifically awarded to cover physical and digital security expenses. In response to clear need, in 2021, we were able to expand the GSSF to include grants focused on health and wellness of social justice activists and organizations.

As one of the first efforts of this kind in philanthropy, the Grantee Safety and Security Fund is aimed at helping to ensure basic safety and wellness for movement actors who are fighting to promote a just, inclusive, and representative democracy.

Through the GSSF, grantees have made a number of improvements to their physical and digital safety, as well as their health and wellness, including:

  • Security of an office, meeting/event location, or other space
  • Strengthening IT and document security infrastructure
  • Enhanced digital security of high-profile leaders
  • Legal safety strategies such as restraining orders
  • Participation in healing justice workshops
  • Staff time in retreat centers
  • Health and/or wellness coaching
  • Staff wellness stipends or benefits

Meeting an urgent need for our grantees.


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