About Us

Proteus Fund partners with foundations, individual donors, activists, and other allies to work strategically towards racial, gender, queer, and disability justice and an inclusive, fully-representative democracy. We curate an ecosystem of mutually reinforcing, aligned donor collaboratives and fiscally sponsored projects that deploy a creative array of strategies and tactics to further this vision.

About Proteus - Proteus Fund


A just, equitable and democratic world.


Proteus Fund partners with foundations, advocates, and individual donors to advance democracy, human rights and peace.

About Us

Proteus Fund partners with foundations, individual donors, activists, and other allies to advance justice, equity, and an inclusive, representative democracy. Since 1994, we have led and also incubated dozens of social justice initiatives aligned with our vision, mission, and values.

For more than a quarter-century Proteus has deployed creative and bold strategies to organize funders around the resourcing of social justice movements through our Donor Collaboratives, nurture and support a wide variety of social change initiatives through our Fiscal Sponsorships, and partner with funders through our Donor Advised Funds. Through these dynamic efforts, we strive to change hearts and minds, public policy, law, and culture while also working to evolve philanthropic practice.

To date, Proteus Fund, and its associated organizations, including the Proteus Action League, have distributed more than $300 million in grants and also provided other essential tools to support activists and advocates, experienced and emerging leaders, organizations, networks, coalitions, and issue-specific campaigns at the local, state, and national level. Proteus Fund’s deep experience in philanthropy, coupled with our collaborative field-facing approach with grantees and Fiscally Sponsored Projects, have enabled us to identify gaps, challenges, and opportunities to fuel effective progressive work and play a critical role in achieving pivotal social justice victories.

Today, Proteus is a $60 million philanthropic organization supporting a total of 33 funds and initiatives with a highly skilled and committed staff of over 90 individuals.

Proteus Fund has offices in New York City and Massachusetts. Our staff is based across the entire United States and internationally.


pie chart displaying the Proteus Fund's 2022 Revenue

In 2022, 98% of Proteus Fund’s revenue came from organizations, donor partnerships and individual donors committed to Proteus Fund’s mission striving for a just, equitable and democratic world.

pie chart displaying the Proteus Fund's 2022 Expenses

Proteus Fund’s highest fiscal priority is to maximize the impact of every dollar donated by keeping administrative and fundraising expenses low. In 2022, 88% of all contributions was used in support of our grantees’ work and our Fiscally Sponsored Programs.