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We connect philanthropy with the frontlines of social justice.

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Transformational Philanthropy

Proteus Fund creates dynamic relationships between progressive philanthropists, movement leaders, and other allies that go far beyond transactional grantmaking. Our trusted position among funders and field actors enables us to support both through collaborative grantmaking and strategies to achieve social justice victories.

Advancing Justice & Democracy

Our work focuses on the interconnected goals of racial, gender, queer, and disability justice and an inclusive, fully representative democracy. We cannot realize one without the other – making progress on all fronts is essential to realizing our vision of a more equitable, just, and democratic future.

Strategies For Change

We support movements for justice, equity, and democracy through shared strategies and approaches that lead to legal, social, and cultural sea-changes.

  • Expanding the capacity of organizations, coalitions, and movements to build, share, and wield power.
  • Aligning and multiplying philanthropic grantmaking to ensure the maximum resources at the right time for the right purpose.
  • Nurturing a progressive ecosystem that fosters greater opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration on critical issues and movement dynamics.
  • Moving quickly and responding to urgent needs of grantees and movements as shifts happen in real time on the ground.
  • Promoting narrative change as a critical strategy for victory by resourcing effective narrative development work – creating compelling shared stories that effectively reframe issues and promote progressive values and vision.
  • Encouraging innovation and risk-taking by giving donors and movement leaders creative learning spaces to support bold strategies and new ideas for action.


Proteus Action League (“PAL”) is a 501(c)(4) affiliate of Proteus Fund that supports legislative lobbying and related activities that provide important and complementary support to Proteus Fund’s work. Find out more about PAL, and how its work complements and supports Proteus Fund’s social justice mission.