Our Renewed Optimism

Though the last 12 months have left all of us weary and emotionally drained, looking back on the unwavering efforts of Proteus, our donor partners, and our grantee partners has renewed our optimism for the year ahead. It is this resolute determination that will bring about the transformative change we seek: racial, gender, and queer justice towards a more inclusive and representative democracy.


We're uniting like-minded partners to execute on shared strategies.

Recognizing the immense challenges and complexities of creating lasting change, we embrace collaborative work, bringing progressive funders together with the most effective grassroots leaders across the country.

Together we're creating a world with dignity for every individual.

We champion equal rights - and go beyond, to empower communities leading social movements for systemic change. For us, social justice is about creating opportunities for everyone to have a voice, accelerating grassroots leadership, and protecting and expanding fundamental rights and liberties. It is this force for change that will secure a future of equality, inclusiveness and democracy.

We're here to give you the tools, support and network to fuel your mission.

Proteus is the full-service philanthropic organization, ready to act as a strategic partner to funders and operational ally for progressive movements. We're built to help you pursue your vision for a better world with robust operational support, grantmaking expertise, and communities of like-minded partners.

We support hundreds of innovative grassroots organizations working for social justice.

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