In recent years, the SRC has:

  • developed leadership and organizational capacity in Muslim, Arab, and South Asian (MASA) communities that has allowed them to become effective voices in the human and civil rights movements;
  • strengthened collaboration among grassroots organizations and their regional and national allies to win multi-issue campaigns and address the root causes of rights violations;
  • supported organizations to work effectively with media to change public perceptions;
  • provided rapid response funding to ensure timely responses to unanticipated events such as racially-motived violence, introduction of discriminatory legislation and more;
  • widened the field of organizations addressing human rights issues, as in the collaborative campaign to end police profiling in New York City.

The Security & Rights Collaborative partners with individual donors and foundations to support a diverse field of Muslim, Arab and South Asian advocacy organizations. Our direct grantmaking, programming  and technical assistance supports leadership development, field-wide capacity and connections, and collaborative communications.

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Grantmaking strategies and successes at a glance:

> A collaborative communications infrastructure serving this diverse field of more than 100 organizations provides daily media clippings, talking points, polling and public opinion updates, messaging analysis and coordinated capacity for rapid response communications. Increased messaging coordination among organizations has resulted in a more sophisticated and proactive communications strategy.

> Capacity building for organizations working with Muslim, Arab and South Asian (MASA) communities most affected by discrimination and profiling enables these groups to engage in policy debates, mobilize their grassroots constituents and collaborate with other local, regional and national organizations to advocate for policy change.

> Leadership development to strengthen connections and build collaborative relationships among leaders in distinct parts of the field, while increasing the capacity of individuals. We work to generate new partnerships among organizations that haven’t previously worked together and lift up MASA grassroots leaderships within the broader civil rights and racial justice movement.

> Rapid response grant making supports timely responses to emerging opportunities or threats. Advocates have access to funding, connections and crisis communications support in order to swiftly and effectively respond to breaking events.