2018 Grantmaking Report

2018 Grantmaking Report - Proteus Fund

Proteus Fund’s 2018 Grantmaking Report

This was the fourth straight groundbreaking year for us, as our aligned organizations (Proteus Fund, Proteus Action League, and Colombe Peace Foundation, a family foundation managed by Proteus) made a combined 470 grants for a total of $19,222,611.

Not only was this both the highest number of grants and the most funds awarded in Proteus Fund’s history, but in 2018 we also reached the cumulative milestone of over $200 million in total grant awards to advance our vision of democracy, human rights and peace.

As a philanthropic intermediary, our mission is to partner with foundations and advocates. The more than $19 million we awarded in 2018 is a testament to these partnerships: our work is driven by the networks and communities of dedicated social justice changemakers working within philanthropy, as well as the visionary grassroots, grasstops and other leaders and organizations across the country—and the world—who, in response to this perilous time for democracy, human rights, and peace, continue to innovate, mobilize, and organize.

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