2019 Grantmaking and Program Report

2019 Grantmaking and Program Report - Proteus Fund

Dear Colleagues,

I hope that you’re safe and healthy.

I’m writing to share the Proteus 2019 Grantmaking & Program Report with you. In some ways, it’s an unusual time to send out such information when the universe is completely focused on the Covid-19 pandemic. But we believe it’s important to identify the ways that Proteus, our donor partners and our grantee partners have been working to achieve meaningful change in our fight for justice, equality, democracy and peace.

Over the last 25 years, Proteus has built on its vision and mission in many ways, significantly widened its circle of collaborators and, as a result, dramatically enhanced our impact. We are confident that the work and achievements of 2019 have prepared us as best as possible for the enormous challenges ahead.


Paul Di Donato
President & CEO
Proteus Fund & Proteus Action League
New York, NY

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