2020 Grantmaking and Program Report

2020 Grantmaking & Program Report - Proteus Fund

Dear Colleagues,

I hope that this update finds you all well.

I’m writing to share the Proteus 2020 Grantmaking & Program Report. In countless ways, this past year tested our ability as an organization to stand together as a community no matter what adversities we might face. In a difficult year that witnessed threats to our democracy and injustice and violence against communities of color, we at Proteus Fund did our very best to bring people together to move forward.

Though the last 12 months have left all of us weary and emotionally drained, looking back on the unwavering efforts of Proteus, our donor partners, and our grantee partners has renewed our optimism for the year ahead. It is this resolute determination that will bring about the transformative change we seek: racial, gender, and queer justice towards a more inclusive and representative democracy.


Paul Di Donato
President & CEO
Proteus Fund & Proteus Action League
New York, NY

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