2023 Annual Report Spotlight: Puentes

2023 Annual Report Spotlight: Puentes - Proteus Fund

In 2023, Puentes (formerly known as Bridges) not only solidified its identity but also its reputation as a global expert in narrative change, connecting social movements in Latin America with other regions around the world. Puentes’ work has centered around three specific focus areas: understanding audiences and identifying narratives that connect with them; reclaiming narratives about families and faith; and developing and strengthening hope-based communications that lean into desired world principles and shared values. Puentes has conducted audience research across Latin America, surveying more than 250,000 people.

This research helped to inform the work Puentes leads through its various platforms. Inspiratorio is a training platform where activists and organizations can “exercise their narrative muscle” with access to trainings, narrative exploration awards, and the opportunity to participate in a community of practice. Puentes created two other platforms to develop narrative strategies.

Families:Now” is a community of people and organizations that promotes a new narrative about 21st century families, based on care and well-being, and Creo is a community of organizations and faith leaders from diverse spiritual backgrounds who are developing an alternative, human rights-based narrative about faith. Finally, Activism 2.0 is a closed community of more than 200 Latin American activists who exchange information and analysis on human rights and gender justice work.

A highlight of the year was Confluence, the first global convening on narrative work which Puentes cohosted in Bogota, Colombia and was attended by more than 125 people from around the world.

Hear Puentes Founder and Director Monica Roa speak about the conference and how the support of Proteus Fund has helped to support this work.