A Fair Fight for a Fair Court: A Podcast Series

A Fair Fight for a Fair Court: A Podcast Series - Proteus Fund

In 2016 Piper worked with Life of the Law to connect with the public through audio story telling. The result was a podcast series, “A Fair Fight for a Fair Court.” Life of the Law’s investigative reporters interviewed individual citizens—a school teacher who sobbed when thinking about the lack of funding for students; a mother concerned about the impact of fracking on her son—and current and retired state supreme court justices who spoke frankly about what they experienced when attacked.

The five-part “A Fair Fight for A Fair Court” podcast series includes:

  • Revolution in a Cornfield, focuses on the connections between the Kansas state courts and school funding.
  • Rig the System, focuses on the fracking industry and courts in Ohio.
  • Recuse Yourself, highlights potential conflicts of interest and bias in courts in Wisconsin.
  • In Courting Voters, they returned to Kansas just before the retention election to learn how voters decide on judicial candidates.
  • Finally, in Judges v Attack Ads, they focus on the attacks against North Carolina Justice Robin Hudson and the impact of deceptive attack ads.