Our Approach

Our goal at Proteus Fund is to find the most effective ways for people to work together to build a sustained force for progressive change.

Collaborative Systems

Lasting social change requires a community of funders and movement leaders working in partnership toward the same goals. Through our ecosystem of donor collaboratives, fiscally sponsored projects, and donor advised funds, we bring people with diverse resources and myriad needs together to fight for the same ultimate goal: a more just and equitable world.

United Efforts

At Proteus, we believe in making partners out of allies. We bring people together to discuss and align on goals and utilize our collective expertise and insights to build effective strategies. We foster collaborations where leaders and organizations truly work together — not just alongside one another — so that resources and efforts achieve their full potential.

A Sustained Force for Change

Achieving incremental reform is not enough. We must build sustainable networks of funders, advocates, and leaders that advance authentic movements for justice and democracy. That’s why we work with our partners to provide grants and support directly to state and local organizations, along with national partners, that build community-led grassroots coalitions.