Arcus Foundation | LGBTQ movements grow across borders and issue areas

Piper Fund and the Rights, Faith & Democracy Collaborative are featured in this article originally published by the Arcus Foundation:

To build a world in which all LGBTQ people live with dignity, safety, and opportunity, activists and advocates are coming together across issues and borders.

Arcus’ latest Social Justice Program grants—which were prepared before the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) became a global pandemic in March—will provide support to organizations working within ever stronger and more interconnected movements that are changing perceptions, policies, and lives.

Arcus aims to enable these organizations to work on their long-term missions, in addition to being flexible about addressing emergencies being declared around the world.

The Proteus Fund’s Rights, Faith, and Democracy Collaborative engages faith communities to embrace values including the rights and dignity of women and LGBTQ people. A grant will support eight partners in Georgia and New Mexico who amplify progressive voices of faith and who are challenging harmful laws that allow religious organizations to exclude or discriminate against LGBTQI people.