The Chronicle of Philanthropy | Foundations Prepare to Help Grantees Respond to Election-Related Chaos

Piper Fund, a program of Proteus Fund, is featured in this article originally published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy:

Fearing the potential for violence, chaos, and a flood of misinformation in the aftermath of Tuesday’s election, foundations are looking to free up more cash to support grantees that will be on the front lines in the event of disputes over the results.
Many foundations that typically set aside some of their grant budget for late-in-the-year emergencies tapped out those accounts throughout the year as they responded to Covid-19 and the calls for racial justice that followed the killing of George Floyd by police. But the threats of violence surrounding the election, the probability that the results won’t be known on election night, and the potential that disinformation campaigns could whip up partisan hostility have prompted some grant makers to consider making new grants postelection…