Inside Philanthropy | High-Touch: How a Progressive Intermediary is Evolving With the Times

Proteus Fund is featured in this article originally published in Inside Philanthropy:

When the Proteus Fund came into being in 1994, the world of funding intermediaries was far less crowded than it is today. Sure, donors have collaborated through community foundations, giving circles and the like for decades. But with founding president Meg Gage at the helm, Proteus helped pioneer the brand of collaborative giving that has grown so vital to today’s resurgent grassroots left.

The Proteus Fund has awarded over $200 million in grants to further its mission: advancing democracy, human rights and peace. These concerns have become ever more pressing since Donald Trump’s election, and so even as other philanthropic intermediaries have proliferated, Proteus has grown. “We’ve gone from giving $11 million or $12 million to $20 million a year,” said Paul Di Donato, President and CEO. “Almost doubling our grantmaking in size has been an important evolution, tied to what we’re facing in the current period.”