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Moving Americans to Action: A Message Guide for Democracy Advocates

 Moving Americans to ActionPiper grantee ReThink Media has just released a much anticipated message guide to reframe the narrative of money in politics and make it easier for advocates to mobilize people into action.

Synthesizing the fundings of four major research projects conducted over the past two years, the message guide “Moving Americans to Action: A Message Guide for Democracy Advocates” seeks to accomplish two main goals:

  • Provide advocates with a new narrative to engage the public towards action and solutions, away from the “corruption” frame, towards messaging that overcomes skepticism and encourages action; and
  • Support ongoing efforts to tie money in politics to other issues, including voting rights and redistricting.

Polling has consistently shown that people agree that the influence of money in our democracy poses a serious problem. In response, the message guide outlines four winning frames and the elements of a strong message to move voters from cynicism to action on money in politics solutions and a broader democracy agenda. It also provides advocates with specific tools to better communicate their issues, in relation to money and politics, towards actionable solutions.

This year, Piper’s support for ReThink Media includes funding for a set of trainings on how groups can implement the message guide to their campaigns and shift the narrative to engage the public.

DOWNLOAD THE TOOLKIT: Moving Americans to Action: A Message Guide for Democracy Advocates