Piper Fund’s Impact on Democracy in 2018

Piper Fund’s Impact on Democracy in 2018 - Proteus Fund

We would like to share with you our report on the Piper Fund’s 2018 activities.

Inside, you will find details on Piper’s leadership role within the democracy field, recent activities to engage both the advocacy and philanthropic communities, and our comprehensive support for local, state and national grantees that has expanded the field’s knowledge and honed strategy in protection of our democratic institutions.

From defending judicial independence, to countering assaults on freedom of assembly, to promoting proactive reform to offset the influence of money in politics, Piper and our grantees are at the forefront of efforts to build a healthy democracy that works for all.

We’re grateful to our donor partners, and to all of our colleagues, who have joined with us over the past year towards this end.  If you have any questions about Piper’s work, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Download: Piper Fund Year-End Report 2018