$175 Million
in grant awards since 1996

Proteus Fund is a public foundation that partners with foundations, advocates and individual donors to advance democracy, human rights and peace.

Founded in 1994, Proteus has awarded $121 million and managed an additional $54 million in grants towards the realization of a just, equitable and democratic world. To fulfill our mission, we:

  • Convene and facilitate donor collaboratives that strategically focus and maximize philanthropic resources and impact;
  • Partner with other social justice initiatives through fiscal sponsorship;
  • Offer Donor Advised Funds and manage family foundations aligned with Proteus Fund’s vision and mission; and
  • Provide further philanthropic support for social justice organizations and movements through Proteus Action League lobbying grants.

The Proteus model is built on an efficient and customized framework of financial, compliance, human resources and other services. Clients and partners benefit from our flexible, responsive high-quality grantmaking capacity and our deep experience in facilitating collaborative social justice philanthropy.