About Us

2019 marks Proteus Fund’s 25th anniversary. Please click here to learn more.


A just, equitable and democratic world.



Proteus Fund partners with foundations, advocates, and individual donors to advance democracy, human rights and peace.


About Us

Unified Philanthropy…

In today’s world, philanthropy for long-term systemic change must be reimagined to be more strategic than ever before. It’s easy to set ambitious goals – but how do you make sure you’re working with the right allies? How do you assess your progress? How do you break out of silos? How do you know if you’re building effective networks – and are they sustainable?

As the full-service philanthropy organization, Proteus Fund brings funders and movement leaders together to create the collaborative systems and strategies needed to create and protect enduring social change. With our operational support and grantmaking expertise as a foundation, we work together to analyze the issues, execute on unified strategies, and maximize our collective impact.

…for a Progressive World

We’re working to create a world with dignity and justice for every individual, every group, and every community.

Oftentimes, changes in policy and law are not enough. In the pursuit of a more equitable world, we empower community-led movements to amplify the voices of everyday people, shift cultural paradigms, and rebuild power structures. We fight not only to create social change but to ensure that change is long-lasting. Only then will we be able to secure a future of democracy, human rights, and peace.